Bossa Nova For Everyone!

Paula Maya has been teaching private lessons in classical piano
technique, harmony, theory and improvisation for over 30 years.
In addition, she was invited to teach a few music workshops at the
EMP Museum in Seattle when it first opened, now called the Museum of Pop Culture. For students'
testimonials and Paula Maya's education history please see

Bossa Nova For Everyone! is for musicians of all ages. This 60-minute workshop is open to beginner, intermediate and advanced musicians and places no restrictions on a musician's instrument of choice,
including voice.

The goal is for students to learn one of the most famous Brazilian songs of all time: The Girl From Ipanema (Garota de Ipanema) . As students come in they will be handed lyrics, both in English and Portuguese, as well as the chart for those who can read music.

In the first few minutes Paula will give a brief and fun history of Brazilian Bossa Nova. Then she will lead the students into a 10-minute deep breathing exercise and vocal warm ups. Everybody is encouraged to take part. Then students will be asked to place themselves close to other similar instruments or voice. So that percussionists are with other percussionists, guitarists are with guitarists, singers are with singers, etc.... After that Paula will play and sing Girl From Ipanema, solo or with her band. Then she will teach the basic underlying rhythm patterns of Bossa Nova and students will join in both by clapping and by playing percussion instruments.

At this point the workshop is half way through and students will be encouraged to study the song in groups, using the music chart and lyrics provided. Paula will walk around the room answering student's music questions, such as music theory, harmony and improvisation, and giving tips on Portuguese enunciation.
That should take about 15 minutes depending on the number of students.

Following practicing in groups, all students will practice Girl From Ipanema together as one group and Paula will lead on keyboard and vocals. After a few practice runs students will be allowed to record the final take on their iPhones and recording devices unless it is against the rules of the venue where the workshop will take place.

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