I am a piano teacher based in Austin, TX. I started teaching in Rio de janeiro, the city where I was born, 30 years ago. After I moved to the USA, I taught private piano lessons in Seattle for many years, where I was also invited to teach music workshops at the EMP Museum, now called Museum of Pop Culture. I moved to Austin in 2011.

I like to include basic voice training/ ear training in the lessons, as it's very helpful to any musician. It's important to connect your internal voice to what you are playing so it doesn't become a purely mechanical and mental activity.

Another one of my passions is to guide my students who are composers and songwriters on how to 'dress' their songs, helping them discover a wide variety of  harmonic, melodic and rhythm choices that they can choose from.

I've performed in classical music ensembles, pop and jazz big bands, reggae groups, rock groups, African music bands, a Puerto Rican salsa/merengue orchestra, and other different kinds of music!


  • Adults
  • Teenagers
  • Beginners
  • Mid Level
  • Advanced


What may you learn? I understand not everyone aspires to be a professional classical pianist! I always discuss with my students what are their goals, so we
can create together a fun and focused study program to achieve them. They
may include:

  • Music reading and theory
  • Piano technique for any style
  • Building a repertoire of classical, jazz or pop songs
  • Chords and harmonic patterns
  • Ear training
  • Basic singing


Lessons are once a week. Prices are:

$60. 60 minute lessons.
$50. 45 minute lessons.
$35. 30 minute lessons.

I like to set up one initial lesson to make sure we are good fit, and go from there!


In my studio in South Austin, close to Zilker Park and South Lamar.

  •  UFRJ - Brazilian Federal University of Music - Classical piano.

  •  Conservatory of Music in Rio de Janeiro - Music Theory Program Certificate.

  •  UFF - Brazilian Federal Fluminense University - First Medieval Music Program Certificate.

  •  Santa Úrsula University in Rio de Janeiro - Third Medieval Music Program Certificate.

  •  Two years of Classical Piano Lessons with international pianist Luiz Medalha.

  •  Two years of Improvisation and Harmony with international pianist and arranger Luiz Eça.

  •  Composition with composer and Maestro Leonardo Sá.

  •  Voice with Maestro David Kyle in Seattle.

  •  Voice with Steve Wall, from the Seattle Opera.

  •  Medieval singing with Margriet Tindemans and the Seattle Medieval Women's Choir.

  •  Voice with Mady Kaye, from the Beat Divas and former Zach Theatre's singer, in Austin, TX.

  • Jazz piano, Herbie Hancock's Masterclass


"Perhaps because of her background in latin music, Paula insists not only on proper
technique but also feelings. It proved useful on so many levels as far as I'm concerned.
I highly recommend her."
- Eric

"Paula is a great piano teacher. She incorporates music theory and singing practice into the lessons, she’s organized and understanding, and she has helped me become familiar with the piano and with music in general in a fun way. I really recommend her!"
- Katy

"Paula is fantastic! She is very kind, welcoming, and willing to meet you
where your at. I love that she gives me a lot of input around what type
of music I want to play."
- Jordan

"Paula is a great teacher and a wonderful person. She is a very talented
and educated musician and performer. She makes the lessons challenging
while remaining easy to understand. It has been a pleasure studying with
her so far."

- Joe

"Five Stars!"
- Jessica

"It is always difficult to find a great piano teacher but due to Thumbtack, I found the best. I am grateful! Paula is professional,talented, a great communicator, and Paula encourages working
on technique, reading and performing. Love my lessons and I am learning so much!!!!!"
– Patty

"Paula is a fantastic teacher. I started understanding the piano better right away after we began lessons. I'm a nineteen year old and she didn't treat me like a kid or talk down, it was a lot of fun!"
– Dillon
"I took lessons with Paula for three months until she moved out of town. Paula is an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable of the fundamentals of piano and music theory in general. As an adult beginner, I was able to learn very fast with Paula thanks to her well-rounded approach to teaching. Moreover, she is a great person and I enjoyed spending time with her once a week. I highly recommend her."
– Pablo
"Paula is a GREAT teacher. She worked with my teen-aged son. She was really able to connect with him and motivate him. Great balance of fun but serious.... He made tremendous progress. We were very sad to see her leave the Seattle area. I would whole-heartedly recommend her."
– Bob
"Paula is valuable as a piano teacher because she instructs according to her students' goals. She's been playing for decades and is a recording artist herself, which obviously gives her the credentials and a special perspective... but during lessons, none of this gets in way of the student. She teaches you proper technique, but without turning the learning process into a bore fest. She exposes you to theory and the big picture, but without disregarding the student's natural tendencies of just wanting to play some songs. Learning stays fun, but nearly without notice, the student still gets the proper education. From a practical standpoint, Paula is a perfect instructor choice. As a 29-year-old professional, I always had interest in playing the piano, but just couldn't find the time. Paula makes learning the keyboard fit within my schedule and its sometimes hectic pace."
– Scott
"Paula was my daughter's first piano teacher. My daughter was six years old when she started piano lessons. Paula did a great job in teaching her how to read and play music. Carla enjoyed every lesson and would still enjoy it if Paula hadn't moved away. I can highly recommend her as a piano teacher for kids and adults!"
– Barbara